LP Gas Powered Refrigerator Maintenance

Tip#1: LP Gas powered Refrigerator.

Minor routine maintenance is required to keep your LP gas powered refrigerator operating efficiently. First, turn off the refrigerator. If your RV has outside access to the back of the refrigerator, start by removing the outside vent cover for access. Next, ensure all connections are clean and tight. Then turn the refrigerator on in the LP gas mode and a look at the flame. If the flame is yellow colored or burning poorly, or if the refrigerator isn’t operating properly in the gas mode it’s possible that the baffle inside the flue is covered with soot. Besides soot and rust buildup, other debris can fall down the exhaust vent/flue and obstruct the burner assembly. Should this happen you will need to clean the flue and then the burner assembly.

Before continuing, turn the refrigerator off again and locate the burner. The flue is directly above the burner. The baffle will be inside the flue. Compressed air is the best way to clean out the baffle. Be sure to wear a pair of safety glasses. While you are using the air compressor to clean out the flue and baffle, use it to remove any debris from the outside refrigerator compartment.